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The Leapfrog Ventures Team
What Sets Us Apart?

The Leapfrog Ventures team is different. Unlike most firms, we don't claim to be experts in everything – we only work in sectors in which our partners have direct personal experience.  By design, the team at Leapfrog has operating expertise across complementary domains, spanning information technology, software, communications, wireless and technology-heavy consumer start-ups. The deep experience of our team means we don't have junior team members who are learning the venture business by practicing on your company. Collectively, our team has the skills and experience to help start-up CEOs with virtually any operating challenge that arises, at any stage of the lifecycle.  For new companies to systematically and consistently leapfrog the competition, there is no substitute for experience. The pedigree of our team sets Leapfrog Ventures apart.

Pete Sinclair Andy Fillat
Pete Sinclair

Pete Sinclair's background includes over 20 years of senior operating experience in high tech companies and more than 10 years in venture capital. He has been a serial CEO and successfully sold companies to Microsoft, Novell, and Adobe Systems and has participated in two IPOs. He started his career with Hewlett-Packard and joined Apple Computer when it was still a small private company. Pete has raised money from and worked for some of the top venture capital firms. Pete was one of the founders of Leapfrog in 1999, and is rated as one of the Top 30 VCs by Business Insider.

Pete has a BS in Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he graduated in the top 10% of his class in 3 years. He is also a graduate of Stanford Business School's Executive Program for Small Company Presidents and twice served as the Mayor of the Town of Woodside. He is an avid aviation buff and is currently flying a high performance pressurized airplane that he built himself.


Andy Fillat

Andy Fillat's technology and operating experience is extensive, including roles as Chief Technology Officer at Fidelity Investments and CEO of an early-stage database marketing company. Prior to Leapfrog Ventures, Andy ran the venture group of Advent International. He has been a principal investor in over 40 companies and been active in nearly 100 investment deals. He has 17 IPOs among his portfolio including companies in communications, software, services, semiconductor and wireless. He has also served on 33 Boards including five public companies.

Andy has BS and MS degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his master's thesis was the invention of the relational database. He graduated with Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu and Sigma Xi honors. Andy also earned an MBA degree from Harvard.

The Leapfrog partners are there when I need them, but they always let me run my business. I greatly value that level of respect. - FastScale”