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We are different at Leapfrog Ventures, and we look for companies that also stand apart from the rest. The three most important factors we seek out are your team, the unique technology component and the scope of market relevance. If all these criteria are strong, you likely have a winner. And that's what sets Leapfrog companies apart.

INDUSTRIES. Our industry focus is information technology, software, communications, wireless and technology-heavy consumer start-ups. We don't invest in biotech, medical, or pure content retail or services plays that lack significant technology underpinnings. Remember, at Leapfrog we are not generalists like other firms – we only work with companies in sectors in which our partners have direct personal operating experience.

INVESTMENT STAGE. Our bias is to invest early, typically in "Series A" and "seed" stage companies – the formative period. While many firms claim to invest in pre-revenue ventures, we actually do it! We will lead, syndicate, or go solo, as the situation requires. One thing you will not hear us say is "call us when you have paying customers." We are venture capitalists, not just capitalists. Initial investments range between $1M and $3M, with several times that amount reserved for future growth of the business. Entrepreneurs often describe Leapfrog Ventures as filling the void between "angels" and the larger venture funds. Unlike angels, we have the capital to fund a company through its expansion. Unlike the larger firms, our business model does not require over-funding early stage companies to achieve our financial goals.

PARTNERSHIP. As experienced entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that finding the right venture partners is a very challenging but crucial step in realizing the vision of your company. Our commitment to entrepreneurs is that we will provide seasoned, direct and actionable inputs – whether at the investigation stage of the investment process, during high stress times that every company inevitably faces, or during final negotiations for a wildly successful acquisition. We encourage you to speak directly with the CEOs of our portfolio companies to understand how you can depend on Leapfrog – in good times and bad. At Leapfrog Ventures, we practice our business the way that would have appealed to us when we were in your shoes.

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Unlike most VCs, I always knew where I stood in the fundraising process with Leapfrog. Then, once they invested in my company, I could always count on unfiltered and direct communication. - Cloud9 Analytics