Leapfrog Ventures

Successful companies are built on great teams, and venture capital is no exception. At Leapfrog, we are seasoned start-up executives with many commercial successes under our belts. We have the 1st hand experience to help CEOs navigate unchartered waters and leapfrog competitors – repeatedly.


Just like the entrepreneurs who work with us, we like to win. That means investing in superior ideas backed by very sharp teams with a clear vision. This is the winning combination we see in those companies who leapfrog competitors to build successful new enterprises.


We look for companies that are different from their peers. Many ideas can have potential, but we are looking for great entrepreneurial teams with clear vision, solid business plans and the proprietary technology to build a meaningful franchise. That's what sets Leapfrog companies apart.

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The Leapfrog partners give direct feedback based on real world operating experience, not simply replaying ideas they heard at their last Board meeting. - Avaak